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Which One Is The Best? Autoboss Auto V30 Scanner & Autoboss Super V30 Elite

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  ID: SP31   ID: SP160  
Original Autoboss V30
US$ 499 ONLY
Autoboss V30
Auto Scanner

1. Live data graphic display
2. Full component activation
3. Read & change ECU coding
4. Setting of adaptation values
5. CANBUS function supported
6. Update Online for Free
Original AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Super Scanner
US$ 1099
Autoboss V30 Elite
Super Scanner

1. Built-in Mini Printer
2. 8 GB Memory Card
3. Self-learn Function
4. Navigation Bard
5. Update Online for free


Advice for Purchasing

Almost same function, so Autoboss V30(SP31) maybe your best choice now