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Original CarCare C68 Retail DIY Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool

New release CarCare C68 Retail DIY Professional Auto Diagnostic Tool

What is CarCare C68

CarCare C68 is a new hand-held auto scanner,  CarCare C68 is more than an OBDII scanner with multifunction,
it approaches and competes with professional auto diagnostic tools. It integrates the needs of DIY users
and professionals with selectable vehicle software and high frequency of update.

What about the CarCare C68 Software

CarCare C68 software is high frequency of update, and you there is no need for the shipping for it,
if you want just contact us, we can sent you the details online.

Price now:289.99USD 

Email: obdshop@gmail.com
MSN: sales@POBD2.com
Skype: eobd11