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LED Car HUD Head Up Display Makes Your Driving More Comfort

LED Car HUD Head Up Display With OBD2 Interface Plug & Play Speeding Warn System

Now days we can't live without the car, especially for the long journey, you feel tired and sleeped, but since you are driving, you should me careful, and note the speed always.
but my shoulder hurt.

Now this 
LED Car HUD Head Up Display will help you more,  no need to take action for the speed with head down. and you can note the time, fuel tank, temperature...

But for the installtion, you should note all the 
you need to meet the OBD II standard models,  you can use the related adapter to change this.
easy operate.

1pc x HUD Interface
1pc x OBD2 Interface
1pc x Reflective Film
1pc x Mat
1pc x Steady
1pc x Manual