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How to update Fgtech V5.0 to V5.3?

Now we released latest Fegtech V5.3 on our website: http://www.POBD2.com/wholesale/new-version-v53-fgtech-galletto-2-master-POBD2.html
If you have bought old Fgtech V5.0 from us before, want to update it to V5.3, you just need to do like this:

First updating way:

1. Ship back the old Fgtech main interface back to us, you can contact our customer service for all the shipping details.
2. Pay the updated fees: 150USD+shipping cost for shipping back the Fgtech main unit to you
3. After finishing the update, we will ship back to you.

Second updating way:

If you don't want to ship back for updating, you can buy the latest Fgtech v5.3 from our website directly, it is also easy and fast.

Any questions please email to obdshop@gmail.com