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Best Price For the GM Tech Scanner With Paper Box

GM Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner With 32MB Card And TIS2000 In Carton Packaging

enlightenedThis is the New release GM Tech 2 scanner with paper Box, the highlight for this, just make you save more money.

Just as you know, for the GM tech 2 scanner with back plsatic box, it is 9KG, for the express shipping. 
may be you should pay more for this.
Now, with the same scanner, same accessories,  such as 32 MB GM tech 2 software card, USB key, and cables,we will sent you togehter with the device,  just change the package,
the new GM tech 2 just have 3.15KG,save lots of shipping cost also make your customs clearance much easier.

It is best time to get GM Tech 2 scanner now, with high quality, and good price. what are you wating for?

GM Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner

 GM Tech2 GM Diagnostic Scanner